Lloyd's Inn

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Hotel: Lloyd's Inn - Singapore

As you can probably tell from my past post documenting our time on It's The Ship, some serious chill time was in order after the wild times on the cruise. After we disembarked we made our way to this hidden gem of tranquility. Sometimes the atmosphere of Singapore can be a little overwhelming so Lloyd's Inn was the perfect little escape even though it was conveniently located, not far from Orchard Road - one of the main shopping areas in the city. The place features modern architecture and interiors, and although it is quite small it does not feel crowded but cosy. The staff are lovely and always willing to help or make recommendations. Overall we had a great stay at Lloyd's Inn! I would recommend this place for those seeking a more private and quiet stay in Singapore. 




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Not long ago I got an invitation to the Hazy Rose to witness something mysterious. The video here says it all. A whimsical mix of sweets and the signature shake to produce a masterpiece. Watching those sprinkles make my tongue tingle. A great solution for those hoping to relive childhood memories of fairy bread… without the added carbs. Brilliant or bonkers? I’m on board either way! After my bizarre experience I was inspired to try my hand at a few Chambord Cocktails … with a twist. #becausenoreason here’s three for the books.

Chambord Spritz (with sprinkles)
50ml Chambord
125ml dry white wine
Soda Water
Take a large wine glass and fill it up with ice. Add Chambord, white wine and soda.

Chambord Vodka Lemonade (plus lollipop stirrer)
25ml Chambord
25ml vodka
Lime wedges
Take a long glass filled with ice. Pour in Chambord, vodka and top with lemonade. Add lime wedge.

Chambord Royale (side of fairy floss)
10ml Chambord
Any fizz you fancy
Pour Chambord into a flute glass. Top with your fizz and add your raspberry. 

This time of year is all about friends and family, which brings back all childhood memories. Hence the fairy floss, lolly -pops and sprinkles! Why? #becausenoreason. That’s the motto I’ll be living by this summer. Speaking of childhood memories, this chair has lived through so much! I’ve had it since I was a little monster and I called it my fairy chair. Now that I’m a fully functioning adult (pfft!) it’s called my ‘gypsy chair’.  My chair may have changed its name and had a few bumps and bruises along the way, it just shows that some things change but at least you’ll always have those memories. 




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I can't believe it's almost been a month since I was aboard It's The Ship in Singapore! It's The Ship was a 5 day music festival on a massive cruise ship. It was a pretty crazy experience as I had never been on a cruise ship before and originally the thought was pretty daunting. Luckily, we met a bunch of people along the way who were always keen to make our time interesting. How could it not be? We're cruising up the Malacca Straight towards the tropical island of Langkawi for a huge beach party, with people from all over the world who are there to have a good time. Not to mention the endless food, drinks & entertainment. Definitely an experience I'll never forget. Travel video with more coming soon! 



Capella Singapore

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Hotel: Capella Singapore on Sentosa Island

I'm so excited to share with you my first post from my recent trip to Singapore! Once we were off the plane our first stop was Capella on Sentosa Island. Our stay at Capella was short however it was one of the highlights of the whole trip. From the moment we set foot on the grounds the service was undeniably supreme. The level of care for guests at Capella was definitely high. Even though we arrived quite late we were taken on an amazing tour of the grounds and our room (which was absolutely divine). Breakfast the next day at The Knolls was hands down one of the best hotel breakfasts I've experienced on my travels. I have a few more snippets of the buffet in my travel video (coming soon) but basically they had almost everything you could think of. A huge range from waffles to laksa, fruit to sushi. We then spent most of the morning by the pool (yep, the three tiered infinity pool) where we hardly had to lift a finger! Bottles of water were set next to us in ice, our towels were placed on the day beds for us and we were even surprised by the yummiest berry popsicles! Before we left for our cruise (stay tuned for my next post) we visited the Library for tea and sweets, which is open to guests of Capella. An absolutely wonderful hotel experience and one I can't fault at all. Thank you for having us Capella Singapore!

For all outfit details - please see my instagram @emmalucey



VIDEO: Bali Escape 2014

Finally I have finished my travel video from Bali! Editing this was actually so much fun - I got to relive all the adventures & activities we did while we were there. Jet skiing, parasailing, something called Flying Fish (that I hadn't heard of before!), snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding, white water rafting, plus a whole lot of sunsets & relaxing. We visited Nusa Dua, Nusa Lembongan, Ubud, Kuta & Seminyak. I believe it was my seventh trip to this dreamy little island (to be honest I've lost count now) and even then I was experiencing new things & places. If you ever have any questions about places I stayed or things I did, don't hesitate to ask! Leave me a comment below or on my travel videos on my youtube channel - spindizzyfall




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Stay young & stay free.
I’ve always said so and of course I practice what I preach. If you take it literally, in order to ‘stay young’ you have to protect yourself and that includes sun protection. I’m not saying don’t have fun in the sun, because it’s obvious it’s one of my favourite pastimes! I’m just saying it’s so important and so easy to be safe about it. Your future self will thank and love you tons for it! Don’t you want to be that person who gets compliments like ‘wow, your skin is amazing!’ – ‘what do you mean you’re 30?! You still look 24!’ – yep, because the ‘secret’ is sunscreen and not some fantasy crème. You can’t buy youth people! So let’s be part of the generation that stops skin cancer, one summer at a time.

Australia has the highest skin cancer rate in the world. 2 in 3 of your friends will be diagnosed at some point in their lives (heavy right?) but 95-99% of skin cancers could be prevented by taking simple steps. Seeking shade, wearing sun protective clothing, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen! This year Pretty Shady have five limited edition products to keep cool (in many ways) this summer – and good news! They are running giveaways on their website. Check it out to win yourselves some goodies including hats, sunscreen, tees, sunglasses and the amazing sun umbrellas!  
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